Who we are?

As a brand, Kidztime not only specialise in character-based toys, houseware, stationeries and accessories, but we go further,

• We entertain and we help teach children valuable lessons that they will remember well beyond a play session - perhaps even, a lifetime.

• We empower parents just like ourselves, with the tools you need to create vivid playtime memories with your kids

• Ensure your kids are developed in a safe and healthy environment through every toy and activity.

What we represent?

Authenticity and the trust in our brand and the building of its community are important to us.

• Each and every toy is checked to ensure they are 100% free from harmful materials, and safe to touch, toss or even chew. (Because we know toddlers love putting things in their mouths!)

• Our entire selection of content is constantly curated, so that you can learn how to use our products to its full functionality

• We are constantly updating our content so that you are well informed of the story of the cartoons.

• We also constantly engaged with young mums through activities so that we can help to grow with the child.

What drives us?

Putting smiles on the faces of parents and children, while watching kids have fun, learn and grow. That’s what drives us.

Our brand is fulfilled as you play with your child, bond with them and meet their fun and developmental needs.

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